Public Relations & PR Management
Putting ‘you’ in front of the right people, at the right time and at the right place. Care to know how?
Game Development
You have to be a great gamer, to create a great Game - How about a match of PUBG, and we discuss business later !
Web Development
Allow us to connect you with the world through customized websites and creative content dipped in your vision.
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Users take up to almost 65% of the total internet users – Take your business mobile to not miss this big chunk of opportunity
Custom Software Development
To run at your own pace is ok, but the world is moving too fast. Let’s transform business works by inducing Custom software with feature rich development
We are all mad here, aren’t we? So, let’s get together sometime and turn this madness into Animation. Sanity is overrated!
Digital Marketing
Business growth can be positively influenced, if driven by digital marketing focused on social media and mobile marketing! 47% users have confirmed so far, so let’s know more about it?
Brand Marketing & Reputation Management
A progressive organization doesn’t build a business, it builds community and trust. Let’s put this to practice & make your business more integrated & engaging.
Social Media Management
Social media marketing is Is all about staying relevant and in sync with the trends. we know just the right amount to cook a unique recipe for your business venture.

Who We Are

We are a digital company developing customized solutions backed with transformational marketing strategies to enhance their reach and turn them into successful ventures. It is our forte to provide solutions for complex digital problems, Build spectacular mobile-first solutions using AI or bring your concept to life using Virtual reality.

Have an Idea, let’s bring it to life …. Together!!

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Web Development

We are at your service to provide you with customized websites, tailor made eCommerce solutions for business growth, web applications and design alluring themes for your business.

Mobile Application Development

We code custom mobile applications focused on functionality and high level user experience. We have a skilled team that is at par with a detailed technology stack and practices

Software Development

We resolve business challenges driven by obsolete methods. We develop custom software for every sector, starting from integration based solutions to bespoke modular systems.

Digital Marketing

We produce business growth strategies to take you in front of the right audience across the board & turn them into buyers through targeted campaigns & conversion optimization

Brand Marketing

Our services are designed to increase your business growth by attracting customer’s loyalty & trust while painting a positive image of your business through brand & reputation management.

Public Relations Management

People do not buy your products, they buy what you tell them & how you tell them. We take effective measures to ensure that you & your product get the deserved recognition.

Raft Survival Island
Adventure 3D
Fight against all the odds in a deserted island 
at the mercy of strange beasts & monsters.
Kill or be killed.
What's Your Game Idea
Our Titles are hot favorites
among players
To Reality
From Concepts
We Offer Solutions That Resonate With Your Business Bottom-line
Functional Apps & Immersive Games

Here’s How We Do It !

Vetting your idea

Product strategists will run a productive analysis to decide whether your business idea/ project idea could be materialized or if it’s going to be profitable. Although it is our passion to create unique and customized products, we need to be certain that this project will generate the ROI at the end. Your idea should be workable & acquainted with recent market requirements.


Our developers will enlist the technological tools, which will be beneficial in the development of this particular project. It is important to comprehend the level and nature of the project as demanded by the client. This also includes the given timeline to complete the project and asses its market value from a marketing standpoint.


This particular phase is simply putting the discussed idea into practice with help of coders and designers. At this stage, a client is regularly updated about the progress of the project. Alpha and beta releases are done for enhanced QA(quality assurance) and testing, to ensure that the project is functional and running efficiently.


When quality is ensured, pre-launch marketing is carried out at a large scale for early traction. Post-launch marketing of the project will follow with further operations on all social media platform and publicize it inorganically. The idea is to make the product or service popular and increase sales and turn the venture successful.

What Are People Saying About Us !

Lance Kallon

"What makes this team trustworthy is that they are well aware about the upcoming and exiting trends in digital technology and marketing. Their passion is quite evident in their work ethic and time management. Team coordinated with me on every stage of product development and provided extra services regarded marketing and product launch. ""

Mathew Almeida

"The communication and willingness to inculcate my vision in project impressed me the most. It is the responsiveness that goes an extra mile to keep the client’s interest for times to come. Their work efficiency resulted in success of my app and the response that I received afterwards. ""

John Guillad

"Gaming is a creative and digitally advance field, and this company fulfills the creative and unique requirements to produce a top class product. The use of cutting-edge technology not only increased downloads but it also increased more customers. I would definitely go for this company, if I need out of box ideas for my product and services. ""

Bernard Dennis

"I am truly happy that I invested with Maverix Company, because they provided me with excellent service and worked tirelessly to design highly advanced and matchless product. They consulted with me on my ideas and informed me how I can improve my product in numerous ways. The design and product was smoothly working with inbuilt solution and HD graphics to enhance the experience and attract buyers. I will be thrilled to work with them in future as well! ""

Anne Phillips

"I believe that it is highly precise and technical to deal with apps specially designed for toddlers and kids. My experience with Maverix digital remains exceptional, as they provided me better product than what I was expecting from them.""

Eva Julie Williams

"I am glad I went with Maverix for my education app. Osama, from the team was very helpful in suggesting the design and features. The kids love it!!""


Please look below to understand how we are delivering our services to you

How efficient and quick is our service deliverance?

We have an expert team solely dedicated to this task, collaborate and discuss your vision and ideas regarding the project. Once you have reached a common ground with our team, it will initiate the plan in action. Our work speaks for itself in sync with your specific instructions and unique features.

How much budget we need for project development and application development?

Our budget is usually lighter on your pocket because your ease and trust is our number one priority. Every project and application development bears different features, so one cannot possibly place them under one specific category. Hence, we offer you our services on affordable rates, negotiable pricing depending on your project demands.

What is the method for payments of projects?

We consult with our clients regarding service provision and the developmental process of the project. Once the project is approved by our team and design is organized, payment can be paid in portions before and during the completion of a project. Costing wouldn’t feel like a burden when revenue generation will be recovering every single penny spent on it.

How much time is required for development?

Development of software, apps, and websites have a different allocation of time keeping in view your project demand. Although, we have an efficient work ethic regarding the deliverance of services. It also depends if we need to transform your existing app, website or generate a whole new one for your benefit.

Will you help me market my business as well?

We will not only help you plan, strategize and launch a new online business venture but we will also provide digital marketing services regarding that very project. Marketing is our forte, we elevate already existing websites and launch them under 360-degree approach. We have different teams to promote and establish your app or business and reach out to more customers.

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