Huawei Mate X revolutionizes Cutting edge Technology with Foldable Phones

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Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei’s foldable phone!

Last week, the world saw CEO of Huawei “Richard Yu”, playing with Huawei Mate X-foldable phone. The sleek and impressive design of Huawei Mate X was a sight to watch. As kids, we always imagined playing with gadgets and arranged our vehicles in line to attack mars. Have we really gotten over that craze?

The latest cutting edge technology shows that the world is moving at a much rapid rate revolutionizing every field. That day isn’t far from today when a slick paper in the front pocket of your neatly pressed shirt would be a cell phone. You can see the intricate demo of foldable phone in this video:

Huawei Mate X has raised a sense of rage in the market because this fancy phone is worth $2000 or more. The terms pocket-friendly, feasibility and usability are now talks of the past, because phones have gone into another category. Now, the competition is between companies, like which company is going to make the most expensive and complicated design for the phone. Where we should be going towards simplicity, the world is still focused on what’s outside the box. It is stated that Galaxy Fold by Samsung still needs some upgrade. The real result will show when it would be made available for the market users. Let’s see if we can build 5 G networks to use multiples cameras and other functions of foldable Mate X.

Know more about the this phone in the following video

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