Here's what we have been up to. Some projects that we take pride in!


Jungle Sniper Rogue Guerrilla

Jungle Sniper Rogue Guerrilla is a free guerrilla commando sniper shooting game in which you have to play as a jungle sniper and stake out the enemy targets from long range.

Action Packed 3D FPS with  more than 100,000 downloads


Mummy Raider Tomb Hunter

Gun down mummified monsters back from the dead to hunt souls for eternity, This game has been downloaded for more than 500,000  

Action packed 3D FPS with more than 500,000 downloads


Bank Robbery – Mafia Gangster VS Police

High Stakes, Low Drag. Bolster up your getaway car to ensure your bounty gets safely to your safe house midst high-speed chase and traffic.

Downloaded more than 100,000 Times


Deadly Marksman: Sniper Lethal

Sarah is beautiful and bold, but little did she know that her job as an analyst in Siberia is going to turn deadly. No time to be the damsel in distress! but it’s time to be Lethal.

FPS Shooter plus Adventure, Downloaded more than 1million times


Gorilla Animal Hunting

Your expedition to the Australian Forest just turned deadly, when you unknowingly set up camp near the lair of morbid gorillas who have developed a taste for human flesh

Hunt or be Hunted – FPS action title with more than 100,000 downloads


NCLEX RN Practice Test 2018

The Complete NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Study Guide, Optimise Your Studying Time, Study ANYWHERE! identify Your shortcomings.


GED Tutor - Practice Exam Prep

GED Tutor – Practice Exam Prep is the most comprehensive and time-efficient study tool to pass your GED exam with flying colors.


Kids Math Buddy 2

Kids Maths buddy brings out the fun in Maths. This free to play maths game engages kids in different interactive activities and helps them learn Maths the easy way.

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